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Jun 22, 2016
Mental Health and Trauma (with Ajai Raj)

TRIGGER WARNING: racism, sexual assault, suicide

This week I sat down with comedian, musician and journalist Ajai Raj and we discussed therapy, mental disorders, and the traumatic nature of constantly being exposed to media. We go pretty deep, so be warned.

Listen to his single "Only" on iTunes!

Jun 12, 2016
Black Nerd Shit (with Maurice Licorish)

SECOND MAN ON THE SHOW. Comedian Maurice Licorish stops by to talk about cartoons, anime, Degrassi and nerd out with me.

Check out his (and his co-host Cathy Humes's0 weekly stand-up show Park Dope!

Jun 6, 2016
Racial Landscape of Comedy (with Khalid Rahmaan)

I sit down with stand-up comic and FIRST MAN on the show Khalid Rahmaan as we discuss the changing racial landscape of comedy, incorporating politics into your comedy and the responsibility of comics when they send their message out into the world.

Jun 1, 2016
Self Care (with Stacy Moise)

Stand-up comic Stacy Moise hijacks my interview so she can audition to be my new therapist. She does a pretty good job.

Follow her on Twitter: @stacysfunny

May 28, 2016
Vegan Milkshakes and Black Love (with Odochi Ibe)

I sit down with journalist and vegan writer Odochi Ibe as she walk about being vegan while black, our favorite black romance films and our feels about the brothas.

Check out her writing:

May 2, 2016
Being a Good Ally (with my BFF Kirsten)

In my fourth episode I call my friend and sociology grad student Kirsten as we discuss the problem with allies, talk shit about Tim Wise and Matt McGorry and lament on us both being used up pieces of chewing gum.

Kirsten has the esteemed distinction of being this show's first white lady guest! OMG.

May 2, 2016
Drinking the Lemonade (with Elsa Waithe)

In my third episode, I sit down with comedian Elsa Waithe to discuss LEMONADE LEMONADE LEMONADE. I feel no other description is required.

Follow Elsa: @elsajustelsa

Elsa runs a show at the Experiment Comedy Gallery called Affirmative Laughter! Check it out! Like the Facebook page! Elsa is the best!

May 2, 2016
Laughing Through the Pain (with Jaz Joyner)

In my second episode, I sit down with Jaz Joyner, writer and creator of the QTPOC humor site QUNTFRONT, as we discuss the importance of humor among marginalized communities.

If you're a QTPOC, pitch to QUNTFRONT at

Twitter: @quntfront


May 2, 2016
Fat Femme Supremacy (with Ashleigh Tribble)

In my first episode I sit down with plus-size fashion expert Ashleigh Tribble as we discuss plus size fashion and modeling, the representation of women of color in the fat acceptance movement, and Ashleigh's opinions on plus-sized icons from Beth Ditto to Rebel Wilson.

Follow Ashleigh on instragram: ashleighchubbybunny

Follow me on twitter: @shadypodcast

Email me if you want to be on the show:

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