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Dec 19, 2016
End of 2016 Minisode

Plugs! Regrets! Thank yous! Melancholy! Sound effects!

All of this and more in my end of the year minisode. Thank you everyone for your continued support of this podcast! Please please please reach out to me if you want to be on the show because I'm already setting up a roster for next year. 

This minisode really is my sad love letter to all of you and my promise to be a more consistent presence in your ear holes.

May your holidays be beautiful and full of magic.


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Oct 19, 2016
Performative Internet Identity (with Kyle Kallgren)

This episode, Shady Lady sits down with host of Brows Held High, Kyle Kallgren. We dive into his history with Channel Awesome, his white male privilege and the frustration that comes with being socially and politically conscious on the internet.

(Yes we are dating.)


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Oct 4, 2016
WOC in Academia (with Raji Pandya)

The Shady Lady Podcast returns after a long hiatus to talk about misogyny and racism in academia. Yay! Your Shady Lady sits down with writer/academic/philosophy scholar Raji Pandya to talk about being a woman of color in a classroom full of men. The physical classroom and the classroom of life; because we all know it doesn't stop when you graduate.


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Aug 7, 2016
Misogynoir (with Krystal Valentine)

Your Shady Lady visited her hometown of Augusta, Georgia and had an amazing conversation with poet and fiction writer Krystal Valentine. In this episode, we discuss misogynoir, which is misogyny towards black women. This is a must-listen!

Jul 22, 2016
Shady Lady Gets Personal (with Maurice Licorish)

TRIGGER WARNING: A lot of things. Abuse, sexual assault, trauma

This week I sit down again with comedian and only man to do this show twice, Maurice Licorish. You learn a lot about Maurice, and even more about your Shady Lady and why she's in New York doing comedy and inviting everyone into her bedroom to do this show every week.

Jul 16, 2016
Glamour (with Sharron Paul)

This week I sit down with comedian, actress and Lady Parts Justice worker Sharron Paul, as we talk about make-up, style and the glamorous black women that inspire us.

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Jul 10, 2016
Fluidity and Southern Queerness (with Veronica Garza)

This week I sit down with fly lady comic Veronica Garza as we talk about fluidity, being queer in the South and how to date women in the Big Apple.

Jul 1, 2016
Trini Art and Queerness (with Kearra Gopee)

This week I sit down with Trinidadian photographer Kearra Gopee as we talk about art, Trinidad, being queer and make weird noises at each other.

Check out her website:

Jun 22, 2016
Mental Health and Trauma (with Ajai Raj)

TRIGGER WARNING: racism, sexual assault, suicide

This week I sat down with comedian, musician and journalist Ajai Raj and we discussed therapy, mental disorders, and the traumatic nature of constantly being exposed to media. We go pretty deep, so be warned.

Listen to his single "Only" on iTunes!

Jun 12, 2016
Black Nerd Shit (with Maurice Licorish)

SECOND MAN ON THE SHOW. Comedian Maurice Licorish stops by to talk about cartoons, anime, Degrassi and nerd out with me.

Check out his (and his co-host Cathy Humes's0 weekly stand-up show Park Dope!

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